Hold that thought.

Okay… on that new Mobo and chip thing. Currently on hold as I realized the board I’m currently holding isn’t exactly the one I ordered so…. Gotta go and get the right one tomorrow.

I’ll update more once I do get the right parts (here’s hoping they have em in stock)

A New Toy… Part Deux

Woooooohoooooo *chants* I am ev-il Ho-mer! I am ev-il Ho-mer!

Okay… I’m not, but it was the best chant of joy that I could come up with and if you’ve ever played Quake 3 with me and the Homer Bot you’ll find that rather hillarious.

Anyways, I’m about to install my new Motherboard and Chip on this old and tired machine. Finally I take a leap out of the bronze age and into the supah fast silicon era.