Well paint me Purple…

Ya know, some days I really just need to wake up early (not as early as I did today mind you) and just go out of the house for a change. Other days, like today for instance, it’s better to stay indoors out of the friggin cold and snow and surf the net for weird and wacky shit.

Today’s weird and pleasantly amusing discovery…

Alien vs. Predator

Someone has ACTUALLY gotten around to making the movie that’s been talked about forever by comic book geeks the world over. I’m stunned that they’re pulling this off to be honest. I was a big fan of the Dark Horse comic back in the day and I’m wondering how much of a plot basis it’s going to be. It’s not shakespeare, but it’ll satiate my need for some cheesy movie-ness for awhile. Gonna be fun to watch.

And while looking up some info on the aforementioned flick, I found out that they’re doing a 3rd sequel to the Mortal Kombat movie as well and — wait… wait… there’s something “good” to come out of this. Quit wincing already and hear me out — and…. They’ve actually managed to bring back the original cast from the first one from what I can see, including Mr. “There can be only one”: Christopher Lambert as Lord Raiden.

Now, I’m not one to say that ol’ chris is the best actor on the block (in fact he and Hayden Christiansen should probably talk shop some time about wooden acting methods), but he certainly was a very cool Raiden in the first flick and I’m gonna look forward to seeing what can happen in this one.

Okay… that’s it. That’s all I’ve discovered for the moment. Bask in the glory that is me and let’s just leave it at that. Go enjoy your Christianized and sanatized Holiday without meaning or context and leave me to my surfage.