Television… It’s what’s for dinner

I’ve never been a huge tv fan, or at least not anymore. The new shows out there have, on the whole, never held my interest for long or the good ones get cancelled because they’re not popular enough despite actually having a plot or storyline that can be followed. I think I probably use the TV as a place to watch movies more often than I watch actual television on it and I’m okay with that.

Out of all the shows on TV, I think I watch 4 or 5 with any semblance of religious regularity. I’m a big fan of CSI and it’s Miami spinoff. They’re both great and intrigue me with the forensic minutia that makes their world go round. I like Junkyard Wars and Trading Spaces cause they’re fun to watch while they build crap (both indoors and out) but I don’t go out of my way to catch them. The only show recently that has caught my attention and held it is Carnvàle.

It’s one of those HBO original series like Six Feet Under and The Sopranos that deals with a travelling Carnival back in 1930’s dustbowl America. It also serves as a backdrop for some very surreal and otherworldly happenings that surround the troupe as they putter from town to town. It’s got a hint of post-modern gothica tossed together with an alluded to clash between good and evil and some downright plain weird crap. Odd sounding? Damn skippy it is! But it’s certainly worth the time to watch the story unfold.

I like it obviously or I wouldn’t be bothering to blog about it. I’m not going to waste my time increasing my chances of carpal tunnel just to type some meaningless drivel about meaningless drivel. It appeals to me because it keeps me asking why? Why this? Why that? Who is Management? etc., etc.

Anyways, If you see it on sometime you may want to check it out, though I’d reccommend starting from episode 1 and going from their otherwise you’ll have too many Why’s that end up turning into WTF’s and you’ll probably be lost very shortly.

Enjoy… or not as you see fit.