Well paint me Purple…

Ya know, some days I really just need to wake up early (not as early as I did today mind you) and just go out of the house for a change. Other days, like today for instance, it’s better to stay indoors out of the friggin cold and snow and surf the net for weird and wacky shit.

Today’s weird and pleasantly amusing discovery…

Alien vs. Predator

Someone has ACTUALLY gotten around to making the movie that’s been talked about forever by comic book geeks the world over. I’m stunned that they’re pulling this off to be honest. I was a big fan of the Dark Horse comic back in the day and I’m wondering how much of a plot basis it’s going to be. It’s not shakespeare, but it’ll satiate my need for some cheesy movie-ness for awhile. Gonna be fun to watch.

And while looking up some info on the aforementioned flick, I found out that they’re doing a 3rd sequel to the Mortal Kombat movie as well and — wait… wait… there’s something “good” to come out of this. Quit wincing already and hear me out — and…. They’ve actually managed to bring back the original cast from the first one from what I can see, including Mr. “There can be only one”: Christopher Lambert as Lord Raiden.

Now, I’m not one to say that ol’ chris is the best actor on the block (in fact he and Hayden Christiansen should probably talk shop some time about wooden acting methods), but he certainly was a very cool Raiden in the first flick and I’m gonna look forward to seeing what can happen in this one.

Okay… that’s it. That’s all I’ve discovered for the moment. Bask in the glory that is me and let’s just leave it at that. Go enjoy your Christianized and sanatized Holiday without meaning or context and leave me to my surfage.


The end of one year, and the beginning of another. The night when the barrier between this world and the next is weakest and we are visited by those gone on ahead. It is a night of eeriness, a night of dread, but also a night of hope.

Prepare my friends, for All Soul’s Night is upon us…

Television… It’s what’s for dinner

I’ve never been a huge tv fan, or at least not anymore. The new shows out there have, on the whole, never held my interest for long or the good ones get cancelled because they’re not popular enough despite actually having a plot or storyline that can be followed. I think I probably use the TV as a place to watch movies more often than I watch actual television on it and I’m okay with that.

Out of all the shows on TV, I think I watch 4 or 5 with any semblance of religious regularity. I’m a big fan of CSI and it’s Miami spinoff. They’re both great and intrigue me with the forensic minutia that makes their world go round. I like Junkyard Wars and Trading Spaces cause they’re fun to watch while they build crap (both indoors and out) but I don’t go out of my way to catch them. The only show recently that has caught my attention and held it is Carnvàle.

It’s one of those HBO original series like Six Feet Under and The Sopranos that deals with a travelling Carnival back in 1930’s dustbowl America. It also serves as a backdrop for some very surreal and otherworldly happenings that surround the troupe as they putter from town to town. It’s got a hint of post-modern gothica tossed together with an alluded to clash between good and evil and some downright plain weird crap. Odd sounding? Damn skippy it is! But it’s certainly worth the time to watch the story unfold.

I like it obviously or I wouldn’t be bothering to blog about it. I’m not going to waste my time increasing my chances of carpal tunnel just to type some meaningless drivel about meaningless drivel. It appeals to me because it keeps me asking why? Why this? Why that? Who is Management? etc., etc.

Anyways, If you see it on sometime you may want to check it out, though I’d reccommend starting from episode 1 and going from their otherwise you’ll have too many Why’s that end up turning into WTF’s and you’ll probably be lost very shortly.

Enjoy… or not as you see fit.

Twenny Dollah?!?!

Heh, so the US is redesigning it’s $20 Bill to better protect themselves against counterfeiting

Thankfully, the good folks over at Fark.com are flooding the marketplace with variant versions so the idiots out there won’t know which one to copy.

Go Here and take a look at some of the entries and laugh in amazement at other people’s brilliance.

I Hate my Family

Yup. Hate.

Wonderfully strong word isn’t it. I’ve got an asshole for a younger brother who seems to get his rocks off by constantly putting me down and a father who invariably sides with him because I apparently don’t measure up to some invisible and unnattainable standard of his. Top this all off with an elitist snob for a sister and a mother that doesn’t really seem to be able to do anything about any of the rest of them and you’ve got a wonderfully dysfunctional little mess.

I wish I could wash my hands of them all. The sooner I get as far away from them as fucking possible, the better.

Oh yeah… P.S.

Happy fucking Thanksgiving.

I’m such a cheap and pathetic Fanboy…

No Really! I am. C’mon you and I both know it.

Even despite it’s shortcomings, I liked The Matrix: Reloaded when it came out in May and now…. now I get to see where the story ends, because I’m nothing if not a completist. I like knowing how things end. Even if they are crappy and shoddy in parts, it’s the fabric of the whole story that holds my interest. Which is probably why I enjoy really long massive book series/trilogies. It gives me more of a chance to see it all in the full stereoscopic surround sound and vision 3-D Experience kinda thing.

Anyways, I’m starting to ramble.

The new trailer for Matrix: Revolutions is up on the Matrix website. Enjoy, mock, scoff, drool, etc.