Even More Wooooooooooooooooooo!

Now I’m sure this has been up on theonering.net and the official lotr site for a while now but it’s the first time I’ve seen it posted. I just haven’t been motivated to check to be sure… so forgive me for not noticing it sooner, I guess I’m old.

Either that or after the divergence from the written work that took place in the second film, I’ve become less enamoured by the prospect of a third film and have subconciously forced myself not to get too overly excited about it.

Which is fairly hard to do now that I’ve seen the Return Of The King Trailer. It looks very cool.

Now there’s more than enough in there that the fanboy in me is twitching on the floor in convulsive glee over the picture, but sadly there is also enough visible divergence in the trailer that the purist in me is nervous and worried about what all is to come in the final film.

Here’s hoping for the best.

And no, for the record I’m not planning to go to the re-release extravaganza that apparently is being planned (if they even do one here in town that is). There’s no way I could sit down at 4 in the afternoon to watch the extended FotR and TTT editions on the bigscreen and then stay for a midnight showing of RotK and end up going home at 4 in the morning. While I’m sure twelve hours of sweaty and grubby Viggo and/or Orlando is just what the ladies want, it’s just not my bag bayyyybeeeeeee.

I’m ashamed to say, I have more of a life than that. Not much more mind you, but it’s quanitifiable nonetheless. Anyways… as one of my dad’s favourite old british comedy shows always liked to end:

It’s goodnight from me….

And it’s goodnight from him.