Yes, I AM a Tragically Hip addict. Why do you ask?

Somehow I’ve got the song Pascal’s Submarine by Gord Downie stuck in my head. It’s a really fun little song that’s a bit of a departure from his work with the Hip. It’s catchy… and I dare say almost “pop-like” in tone. The thing that sets it apart is of course the lyrics. Gord is still the free associating poet laureate of Canadian Rock that he’s always been and I think that’s a good thing.

I still haven’t really figured out what all the song is about but maybe if I listen to it fifteen million more times I might get a clue or two.

Anyways. That was my random bit of Canadiana that 90% of you won’t even get, let alone understand.

As you were.

*wanders off singing the “Nah-nah Nah-nah-nah nah-nah-nenha” chorus*