Farewell old friend…

Okay, I admit it, I’m a sap. A true dyed in the wool sap. I actually got all misty-eyed when I heard that they were crashing the Galileo satelite into Jupiter today. I’ve always loved images from space. They’ve shown me worlds beyond my own where my imagination has soared time and time again. And it’s things like this, human ingenuity and inquisitiveness, that continues to amaze and touch me deep inside.

Gallileo had the computing power roughly equivalent to an Apple II and still managed to send back some of the most amazing images and data of our solar system’s biggest planet and it’s nearest moons.

I’m sad that we’re losing such a treasured explorer but I’m proud to have witnessed, even remotely, the fruits of it’s labour.

Farewell Galileo, you’ll be missed.