The Truth About Gollum Gollum. He’s a right pro…

The Truth About Gollum

Gollum. He’s a right proper bastard. Always has been, Always will be.

What? You don’t believe me? Bah! You heathen unbeliever. You’ve been bewitched by his “good” side haven’t you? You fool!

Go and rid yourself of your any “nice” predispositions that you may have towards the little stinker by checking out this clip from his acceptance speech at this year’s MTV Movie Awards.



I mean it… Click the link already! Sheesh.

PS – I suppose I should warn you now though, It’s an 8 meg Mov file so if you’re on dialup you may be waiting awhile. And you’ll obviously need Quicktime to view it properly. If you don’t have the program by now (or know where to get it) I henceforth disown your pathetic interweb surfing asses.