I am So Smart. Ess Ehm Arr Tee IQ, or intellige…

I am So Smart. Ess Ehm Arr Tee

IQ, or intelligence quotient, has long been the traditional way to seperate the geeks from the jocks (or the fighters from the mages – for those of you who only speak rpg). and until they come up with a magic wand or machine that can accurately give measure to something so ephemeral and fluid, it’s really the only way the layman has to define themselves.

Now some people obviously just use them to classify, pigeonhole or stereotype others in an effort to make themselves feel better about their own shortcomings. Others, like myself (despite the cynicism), see them as a way to give ourselves a goal or mark that we should strive for and aim to beat when we can.

But whether you’re trying to segregate people just because they are different, or because you just want to measure your own worth, you can find out what your IQ “really” is Here

I’ll warn you now though. There has always been a large debate over wither IQ tests were valid or not, because they’ve generally been designed with a specific focus group in mind (12 year old British schoolboys, Middle aged black males with crack cocaine dependencies and a penchant for crossdressing, etc.) and those outside the intended target audience usually do poorly when compared to those in that audience. So don’t take the results without a grain or two of salt.


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Read the fine print. Sometimes it may amuse you.

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