Testing… Pt. II Yeah. Yeah. I know. A couple …

Testing… Pt. II

Yeah. Yeah. I know. A couple of days my ass. We all knew full well that I’d tinker with the site until it was running perfectly and that I couldn’t leave broken links or images lurking about for any length of time.

So… I’ve stayed up way past my bedtime playing with stuff and now everything should be working properly. If, however, you manage to catch something that my omniscient ego managed to miss then please let me know and I’ll fix it.

Heck. I even changed the poll!

Testing. Testing. One… Two… Three Well, as …

Testing. Testing. One… Two… Three

Well, as you most likely have discovered by now, I moved.

My fancy new domain name and hosting for it got set up today so I’m feeling about as giddy as a little schoolgirl. Yes, I am a true geek because stupid minutia like this amuses me to no end. Yay me!

Big thanks go out to my wonderful wife for making the magic happen! Thanks babe. 🙂

Most everything seems to be working properly but there are still two or three images and links that are a little screwed up (the archive link and the lil animated gifs at the top of the blog for example). I’m working on them on and off so it may be a day or so before everything returns to “normal” around here.

And yes… I know the poll is out of date. Bravenet’s site was being a mangy wanker earlier when I tried to change it. I’ll go back later and try again.

Until then. Knock yourselves out and go watch the Gollum clip from a few posts ago already.