What I Did On My Internet Vacation, By Greg – Age …

What I Did On My Internet Vacation, By Greg – Age 29½

It was a dark time for The Rebellion. The Empire had cut off supply lines and there was no communication for weeks on end. Individual rebel cells had to subsist on playing old computer games like Populous and The Sims until supply lines could be re-established. Due to a system wide radio blackout caused by a super star destroyer lurking behind one of the moons of Jupiter, phone lines were reduced to hand held battery operated “cell phones” of marginal quality and range.

Okay… enough of that. I think I’ve butchered George Lucas’ works enough for one week.

Basically I spent my week in internet purgatory being driven mad by the lack of contact with the outside world. I unpacked some of my crap, tried to find the rest of my crap for my move south and when I wasn’t doing either of those I tried to amuse myself by playing some old video games that weren’t internet dependent and doing a little writing for my D&D campaign. All and all a fairly mind-numbingly boring/annoying week.

On the bright side I did manage to go see X-Men 2 with Trevor, Angela and Allan last weekend. It was very good and enjoyable and I think it outshone the first one because you had a group of already well developed characters having fun and going one step further in their development. Plus it was fun to watch Wolvie cut loose and go berserker as he’s been known to do in the comics.

Next weekend should bring about another movie foray as well as the usual suspects and I have made plans to go watch Keanu Reeves say “Whoa!” one more time in Matrix Reloaded. Hopefully it won’t suck, but based on the trailers I’ve seen, I’m looking forward to it regardless.

Anyways. I do believe that It’s time to stop rambling and to go and watch some TV. Army of Darkness is on so I MUST go and watch it.

And Remember… Shop smart. shop S-Mart