A Post! A Post! Huzzah! Holy crap. Talk about l…

A Post! A Post! Huzzah!

Holy crap. Talk about living the life of a lazy fool. I really shouldn’t have stopped writing. I now know for a fact that what they say is true: You have to keep writing every day or you get out of practice, or in my case, you get so lazy that you forget to make posts and eventually you have to kick yourself at 4 a.m. to remember to do it. Damn that procrastination gene of mine. I swear it takes up ¾ of a helix sometimes.

Hullo all. *waves politely to the crowd of 2½* I just thought I’d make a post to say that I won’t be making a post for about a week or so while I move. Ze big bad ISP conglomerate that provides me with that sweet drug known as the internet will take a few days to get off their arses and hook service up in the new place. Oh well, I’m sure I can have fun contemplating my navel in the interim. And no, for those of you who were wondering, this isn’t the big move south yet. It’ just a short jaunt out of the sticks and into ze big city as my parental landlords move into their “retirement” home.

Thankfully though, the migration south of the 49th still goes forward. The gears are turning, albeit slowly, and all the right bureaucratic peoples have been properly bribed and whatnot so all things said and done I should be stealing a job from some Mexican immigrant by mid-summer. Yay me.

Anyways, I probably should get back to packing… or maybe sleep. Though sleep is good, packing sounds better in the long run though as I keep finding more and more shit that I swear I had already packed. Then again, I could always sleep now and “get up early to work on things”….


I know. I laughed out loud at that thought as well. Rather humourous wasn’t it. But seriously, it might work, as long as we redefine early to incorporate any time after 4 p.m. tomorrow.

I’ll keep you in suspense as to what I decide. Maybe I’ll tell you all before I dismantle das komput machine for transport. Or I may just be evil/lazy and post the results when I get my service back.

Either way. Goodnight