The Two Towers Redux Okay, so I finally got off…

The Two Towers Redux

Okay, so I finally got off my butt and went and saw The Two Towers again this weekend. I needed to see it again to decide whether the annoyance I found in watching it the first time was due to it being on an Imax screen, or that it was in fact the movie itself.

I believe now that it was more of the former than the latter. I still have problems with the departures Peter Jackson took from the written work, but they became slightly less of a problem while I sat and watched a battle scene that I could actually focus on instead of the original monstrosity of blurriness.

It was fun, not as fun as the first one as it didn’t quite live up to my expectations, but still enjoyable nonetheless. And while I’m looking forward to the 3rd installment, I’m a little trepedacious about it because I know now that Jackson has few qualms about making gross departures from the written work and I worry about what else he will change or omit in light of the events he changed in the 2nd one.

Anyways…. back to reality for a bit.