My Current Addiction The other day, while stavi…

My Current Addiction

The other day, while staving off boredom with a pointed stick, I was randomly surfing about and came across an innocuous little web comic that goes by the name of Sluggy Freelance. Apparently it’s been around for quite some time, and although I’d heard the name before, I’d never taken the time to find out more about it. As I had nothing better to do at the time, I decided “what the hell. I’ll see what it’s all about”. And so began my trek into the goofy world of sluggy freelance.

It’s a fun comic. A little twisted and filled with recurring story arcs, but definitely worth a giggle or three.

Go check it out and see for yourselves. Two suggestions… 1) Start at the beginning because their are quite a few recurring characters and plotlines that pop up occasionally and are a bit confusing to a neophyte. 2) Don’t try to read ALL the comics in one sitting. It’s been published daily since 1997 so there are A LOT of comics to go through.