Some Bizarreness Here’s some more randomness th…

Some Bizarreness

Here’s some more randomness that I discovered last night during my nocturnal wanderings.

First up. I bring you Bad Subtitles and The Bride of Bad Subtitles. Which are actual stills from some foreign bootleg translations of The Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers, respectively.

Enjoy. Some of them are really bent.

Next up… Death By Pressure Differential which is just a horrible way to go… even if you are a crab.

And finally…

Remember the Simpsons episode where Homer found the box of dishwasher soap that appeared to have his head as its logo? Remember just how bizarre the Mr. Sparkle commercial was? Remember how you told yourself “Man, that was weird, but there’s no way that the real Japanese advertising industry would ever produce something that nonsensical?”

You were wrong.

These links were faithfully brought to you through world-spanning underground tunnels by the Gnomes of Zurich and the Møøse Illuminati.

To Sleep… Perchance To Dream Right… I’m off…

To Sleep… Perchance To Dream

Right… I’m off to bed. My eyes are finally starting to glaze over. I didn’t get done half of what I had planned to do tonight due to the fact that I apparently threw out a bunch of semi-important papers a few weeks ago that were filled with notes for my D&D campaign. Of course this was what I was planning on doing tonight. So instead of furthering the project, I had to start over again.

Note to Self – CLEANING = BAD!

Oddly though, I still have about half of the notes that weren’t thrown out, so maybe, just maybe, I’ve stuffed them somewhere and can’t recall where and they’ll turn up when I least expect it.

Anyways… my productivity is flagging as the bed is finally summoning me. Hopefully I’ll be back before noon and will still have enough of a creative spark to recreate/finish what I started tonight.

G’nite, G’morning or what G’ever.

Pop Quiz, Hotshots… There’s a bomb on a bus…..

Pop Quiz, Hotshots…

There’s a bomb on a bus….. wait maybe it’s a bus on a bomb. Or was it a movie with Keanu Reeves that bombed? Arrrgh!!! I can’t remember. Anyways, Just don’t go out today. It could get ugly.

These and other weird thoughts brought to you by the wonders of insomnia. Don’tcha just love going to bed and staring at the ceiling for 4 hours while trying vainly to sleep before finally deciding that you might as well get up and do something productive with yourself. Me too. Glad that never happens to me. <Insert sarcastic overtone here>

Anyways, here is something I found in my search for productivity.

Who said this:

“As we go forward, let us always remember that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice! And let us also remember that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue!”

A) George W. Bush

B) Osama Bin Laden

C) Saddam Hussein

D) Avril Lavigne

E) Adoph Hitler

Answer tomorrow. (Tomorrow being relative to the time when I actually fall asleep)