Ooo. Daddy, Daddy! The Pogroms are starting. Can I…

Ooo. Daddy, Daddy! The Pogroms are starting. Can I watch?

According to THIS article, a federal judge has officially decreed that the X-Men and their fellow mutants are not human.

Personally this is a load of crap. They’re just as human as you and I, albeit in a slightly altered genetic fashion. Marvel needs to get their heads outta their asses and stick to their guns. The very thing the X-Men stand for is equality and acceptance, regardless of the differences a person has about them. Campaigning for this “non-human” status on the basis of money is just pure unadulterated greed on Marvel’s part and it betrays the very essence of their characters.

Oh well. It’s just another nail in the coffin of integrity and decency hammered there by the greed of capitalist big business.

Come comrade, let us return to the line up and wait for more toilet paper.