Some People STILL Need a Kick To The Head So wi…

Some People STILL Need a Kick To The Head

So with the Premiere of The Two Towers in less than 9 hours from now (for me anyways) the people who’re protesting the title based on events in New York in September 2001 have reared their ugly, neo-puritan heads once more.

Frankly, these people can shove their back-assward heads so far up their asses they can’t see daylight anymore. They really piss me off and not because I’m a Tolkien fan and I feel that it’s blasphemy, but because I’m a writer and a purist of the art form. Art and the expression of that art should NOT have to be changed to fit in with the views of the moral minority (or even the majority). Art, whether controversial or not, should be allowed to be just that, ART! Changing things to fit into someone’s comfy little view of the world so as they don’t have to cope with reality is purest ignorance of the highest order.

I’m soooo against this, in the same way that I get riled up over book burning, book banning, censorship or even someone covering up a statue just because it shows genitalia.

I was going to post a link to the idiots’ website but then realized that they didn’t deserve to get any more attention (or webhits) than they already have. So instead, I bring you the following PVP webcomic that does a pretty good job of summing up the idiocy of these people.