I’ve got A Ticket To Ride… Let the rejoicing …

I’ve got A Ticket To Ride…

Let the rejoicing commence… at 1pm MST, on Wednesday, December 18th, I shall be watching dreams become reality. Yup that’s right. I’ve got a ticket in my hot little hand for the matinee showing of Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers. Sure, there are earlier shows, like the 12:01am show the night before. But I’m old now and would probably fall asleep on the way home. I’m happy enough to see it on opening day at a decent hour.

Besides, at 1 pm I most likely won’t have to put up with a) young teenagers who need a kick to the head rather than another staple – errr… I mean piercing – and are only LoTR fans because it’s the “in” thing currently and b) All the rabid fanboy freaks and weirdos who’ll be dressed up as that pervy hobbit fancier Legolas (and his less beautiful companions). It should be fun. I’ll write all about it and spoil everything come Wednesday night…. or probably just end up bitching about this “compact between elves and men that has apparently been broken” (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you fall into category A above, staples or not).

Anyways… in other, less Middle-Earthy, news, it’s been awhile since we’ve had a decent quiz around here, so I in honour of something else that will be released on Wednesday, I bring you a quiz from one of my many other addictions: The Sims. Or in this case The Sims Online.


*wanders off trying to remember where he put his elf ears*