Remember, Remember, The Fifth of November Oh ye…

Remember, Remember, The Fifth of November

Oh yeah. I almost forgot. Happy Guy Fawkes day everyone.

For those of you non Brits out there who’re wondering just what the hell I’m on about, Guy Fawkes was a bloke who tried to blow up the British Houses of Parliment back in 1605 and was caught red handed with quite a few barrels of gunpowder.

So, ever since then people throughout Britain have burned effigies of Guy Fawkes in annual bonfires on November 5th.

If you want to know more, a quick google search for Guy Fawkes reveals THIS site as being fairly useful.

PS – For the mindless trivia buffs out there, In the Harry Potter Series of novels, Professor Dumbledore has a pet phoenix named Fawkes. A british-ism that was most likely lost on 90% of the non British, Harry Potter fans out there. And yes, it is the same phoenix that donated it’s feathers for both Harry’s and Lord Voldemort’s magic wands.

Now I really am going to bed. G’nite.