Paging George Orwell… Mr. Orwell, You have a cal…

Paging George Orwell… Mr. Orwell, You have a call


Okay. Call me a paranoid android with delusions of grandeur if you like, but is this stuff really neccessary? I mean come on, I understand the fact that technology advances and things like this are inevitable past a certain point in our technological evolution. But really, can anyone else not see the dangers in this? The whole concept is flawed in my opinion.

No check that. The concept itself isn’t flawed, in fact there are probably some very useful and benificial ways to use this technology. What is flawed are the corrupt and morally misguided government personages (who shall remain, for the most part, nameless) who seem to believe that keeping information on everyone on the planet will protect them from the nasty evils of the world. Grow up and stop trying to fit the world into your mould of reality. It’s an imperfect place. Deal with the fact and get on with your petty, and hopefully short, lives and stop trying to make other people’s lives miserable just because certain aspects of their lifestyle don’t fit into your narrowminded moral or social outlook on the world.

I see by the look of mild disbelief on your face that you’re not quite yet ready to believe me? Fair enough, everyone has their opinions, however misguided they may be *grin sardonically*. But before you close your mind to the idea that the current American regime (as in dictatorship, as in McCarthy-era, jack-boot wearing, war-mongering *cough*“patriots”*cough*) isn’t doing this with your best interests at heart, take a long hard look at This Article and then make up your mind.

Frankly. I think this whole thing stinks to to the nth degree. Computer age or not, the sheer amount of bureaucratic paperwork (figuratively speaking of course) that such a task creates is mind-bogglingly immense not to mention quite retarded.

George Orwell once wrote a book called 1984 about Big Brother watching over ever aspect of our lives. It was a bleak and depressing world where the human freedoms and the creativity of the masses were stymied and even surpressed (quite often violently) by the few who sought to control everything under the guise of “helping everyone”. Personally, if Mr. Orwell were alive today he’d probably think he had fallen through the looking glass into a twisted, darker version of his own creation.

This disturbs me more than anything because quite frankly the idiots who are doing this are doing this solely for their own benefit. So as they can turn the world into two variables: Black or white, Us or them.

Those who fail to learn from the past are doomed to repeat it. That in and of itself should be warning enough to those smart enough to understand it.


Anyways. Enough ranting. Just needed to vent after being on a slow boil since I was denied entry into the US awhile back. In other news, I saw Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets today. I’ll post some sort of review later when the bile in my throat has settled some.