Grrrr… Don’tcha just hate it when you watch a…


Don’tcha just hate it when you watch a movie trailer and pretty much the whole plot is given away in that 2-3 minute timespan?!?!?

Today I watched the new trailer for the upcoming James Bond flick Die Another Day, and I almost feel now that I don’t have to go see the movie because everything was explained/ruined/shown in the trailer. – Okay. Okay. It’s Bond, of course I’ll still watch it. I just get infuriated when a trailer, which in essence is just supposed to entice and allure you to see the movie, instead leads you down the garden path stopping along the way to shove all the plot devices and twists down your throat without so much as a “by your leave” sort of thing.

I really can’t understand how/why movie marketing “gurus” (and I use that term in the loosest sense of the word) believe that by showing us the entire plot, we will want to see the movie. I mean c’mon, that’s just like going around a library and telling people how the books that they’re reading end. It’s just not cool. I suppose some idiot somewhere figures that with the ten second, attention deficit disorder generation, you have to cram as much in as possible or… heaven forbid, the lemmings will, *gasp*, go see a different movie!

Give the viewing public some friggin credit and stop advertising to the lowest common denominator for once.

And another thing…*pause* No, actually I think that’s it for now. The rest can wait until I’m less grumbly. There’s enough negativity out there already, and it’s a damp, cold and dreary Sunday so I’m going to go get some hot soup and relax for awhile.


Viking Kittens…. Beware!!! Okay. I’m really n…

Viking Kittens…. Beware!!!

Okay. I’m really not to sure what to make of THIS, but I figured I’d inflict you all with it anyways. You’ll need Flash to view it. And if after viewing it, you don’t really know what to think, just keep telling yourself it’s educational because now you know the lyrics to Zeppelin’s Immigrant Song.


Free One-Way Trip To Exotic Climate. Handbasket Pr…

Free One-Way Trip To Exotic Climate. Handbasket Provided


It’s the stupid, subversively funny and irreverent shite like this that always makes the internet worthwhile.

Now the only problem I see with that link is that the people who really NEED to read it wouldn’t be caught dead doing so, and even if they did read it they’d be too close minded to do anything other than sputter and foam at the mouth in “moral” outrage.

Ah well. I can still laugh up my sleeve at their ignorance and I encourage you all to do the same.