Part Of The Pack Well, today brought the additi…

Part Of The Pack

Well, today brought the addition of the newest member of our clan, Connor the yellow Labrador Retriever.

This spunky little puppy (little for now anyways) is my brother’s birthday present and I gotta say that I’m really jealous. I want a dog for myself really badly now but with my current status of not knowing where I’ll be in a few months, it’s just not feasible. I know I’ll get one eventually though, so I’m not too worried.

But just having a dog in the house again after being so long without is amazing. I don’t know how long its been since all five of us have been so enjoyably enraptured by the same thing. In this case, watching the puppy play with his toys and scaring himself silly when he makes his ball squeak.

That’s all for now. Gotta get back to playing with the pup and letting him chew on my toes some more.


Mass Media… The Bane of Our Culture Trolling …

Mass Media… The Bane of Our Culture

Trolling around on the net today, I saw THIS article and the following comic that goes with it.

I just rolled my eyes and muttered darkly about the idiocy of journalists, then I went back to blowing the frag out of people in Quake. Video game violence doesn’t affect people. I’ve played violent games since their inception and I still get squeamish at the sight of real blood and gore. There is a huge difference between cartoon violence and the real thing people, now stop reporting crap and actually think about what you’re saying.