Persona Non Grata Geez! It’s been almost a m…

Persona Non Grata


It’s been almost a month since I last blogged. Not much to say really even though a lot has happenned. Mainly when I went to visit Rachel this past week I was denied enty into the states due to me “not having any ties to Canada”. !?$!?!$!$#@!$*&#@$!^??????? So now because some mousey little shite didn’t like the look of me, I can’t enter the states until my immigration petition clears. (At the earliest that would be late November for those of you who are playing along at home).

I’m a little… a lot bitter about this. It’s dumbass policies like this and petty bureaucrats with self-inflated opinions of themselves and their country that give the US such a bad name on the world stage. If I didn’t want to be with my wife so much, I’d easily be willing to wipe my hands of the whole friggin country. Americans as individual people are nice and friendly, but as a political country they need to be kicked in the head repeatedly until unconciousness (or severe blunt trauma) occurs.

President Bush’s hard-on for military action against Iraq despite the disagreement of many world leaders and no support from the U.N. is yet another example of how dumb and childish that country can be. It just goes to show that the US is completely paranoid about holding on to it’s position as the world leader in belligerent jackasses. This mounting war/police action/revenge ploy/pre-emptive counterstrike/whatever is just a pathetic attempt for the warmongers in the US to play with all their new toys and flex their muscles to make themselves feel important. It’s a cock measuring contest, plain and simple.

I’m not even going to bother mentioning Britain’s Prime Minister, Tony Blair, because all he’s proven to be is a lapdog that says and does whatever big brother United States tells him to.

But I digress….

To sum up, I’m not going to the States anytime soon. I’m bitter and upset about it. End of story. I’ll rant more later.