Addiction is a good thing… no really! As the …

Addiction is a good thing… no really!

As the one or two of you who actually bother to regularly come to this site may have noticed, the updates have been few and far between.

This has been mainly for two reasons. The first was my ill-fated attempt at working again, which took up quite a bit of my time and was excrutiatingly annoying.

The second has been my recent addiction to an innocent little computer game that goes by the name of Anarchy Online. I haven’t had this much fun playing a game in ages. It’s fun and I keep finding new things every time I play (which lately, has been every day) and I know there is soooo much more that I don’t know or haven’t seen.

I’d tell you more about it but that’d waste time that I could spend playing, which is what I’m off to do now.


Take This Job and Shove it… *Sigh* Well, wor…

Take This Job and Shove it…


Well, work only lasted a week before someone tried to fuck me over and I told them where to go. So now I’m back to being blissfully unemployed for the time being. I don’t really mind quitting all that much though as this is the first job I’ve had that I’ve loathed from the very first day I started there.

The Training was abysmally non-existant. There were the one or two staff members that were cut-throat and underhanded bastards when it came to sales stealing. The management were indifferent at best.

I could go on, but I don’t really care to talk about it much more.

Tomorrow is another day. I may go watch a matinee of Signs or Triple X or something to cheer me up.

In the meantime… Back to Surfing.

HAHAHAHHA Despite feeling kind of blah lately, …


Despite feeling kind of blah lately, I’ve still been able to chuckle at a couple of things I’ve found online.

First things first. (thanks go to David for the following link)

I checked the registration with Netsol and apparently the guy is for real (or at least the registrant information matches what he has on his page).

So funny AND true. What scares me most is that people have donated!!!

Next up. A bit of an optical Illusion to annoy the hell out of you all. All I ask you to do is find the black dot!

In other news… The job offer may have fallen …

In other news…

The job offer may have fallen through. I was told they would call me back either later Saturday or on Sunday, but it’s now Tuesday and I haven’t heard anything. *sigh*

I gave them a call earlier today to check to see if there was anything going on and I’d missed it but they’ve yet to return my call so I’m guessing I didn’t get the job. *sigh*

Damn, I really wanted this one too.

And in other morose news, it seems like no one is bothering coming to the site anymore. There’s been an extreme drop off in hits (and subsequent poll votes) ever since I changed the layout around. I guess people either don’t like the new look, or just can’t be bothered anymore.

I guess this is bothering me on some level because I’m always grumpy when I come to check the site and see if anyone has voted or even if my hit counter has moved. Call me pathetic but I guess I like to know that people enjoy coming here. I need that validation that I’m doing a good job and that my hobby is appreciated.

Bleargh. And to top things all off, the damn weather is getting me depressed as well. It’d be nice to see something other than a 10°C (50°F for you philistines) day filled with: ________ (insert and combination of the following: Solid iron grey clouds, Fog, Rain, Wind)

I’d just like to have a couple more 20+°C days to enjoy.

Blah… Anyways, that’s enough moping for now. Later.

Greg Is… Some things you may or may not have …

Greg Is…

Some things you may or may not have known about me…

  • Greg is a framework for testing other programs and libraries.

  • Greg’s is the best Telegraph Avenue Pizza Joint

  • Greg is our ANGEL!

  • Greg is blind in his right eye and has scarring on the left eye and the doctor’s aren’t really sure if he can see any out of his left eye.

  • Greg is uncanny in his ability to place the ball exactly where he wants it

  • Greg is Vice President for Spacecraft Development at Bigelow Aerospace in Las Vegas, Nevada

  • Greg is best described as a ‘phenomenon’ as in, “Captain, we’re picking up strange readings from that unexplained phenomenon over there.”

  • Greg is practically working

  • Greg is competing as a Champion with some reservation

  • Greg is often on the Bruce Trail

  • Greg is my “sunshine.”

  • Greg is a consummate professional and I would highly recommend him for ANY function.

  • Greg is good

  • Greg is attacked by puppet zombies

  • Greg is just like me!

  • Greg is now settling into married life with Mrs. Greg.

  • Greg IS real.

  • Greg is a Chuck Lorre Production

  • Greg is online

  • Greg is a great talent and those talents are all-inclusive

  • Greg is a freak

  • If Greg is British, I’m an Eskimo

  • Greg is fall and, of course, football season

  • Greg is an accomplished caller

  • Greg is Very Powerful

  • Greg is the self-proclaimed “cranky old man” of gaming

  • Greg is being used to equip God’s people

  • Greg is forced to make a very embarrassing public admission

  • Greg is now available

  • Greg is forced to repress his primal urges and temptations from the day he was born.

  • Greg is lying in bed bare chested

  • Greg is a good looking man with plenty of fur

  • Greg is doing people

  • Greg is a confirmed non-smoker, often appearing on TV with his laminated urine test results hanging from a chain around his neck

  • Greg is not far from being a devil incarnate.

  • Greg is just a regular guy trying to at best break even in a no-win scenario

  • Greg is still traipsing about

  • Greg is not going to read it anymore

  • Greg is not his real name

  • Greg is unemployed

  • Greg is essential

  • Greg is looking pumped now

  • Greg is not concerned

  • And no, Greg is not Weird Al

These and other stupid revelations can be found by going to and typing in “Greg is” and then reading the results. Of course, for something a little more relevant to you, you may want to use your own name rather than mine.

…And the unemployed shall be employed, and t…

…And the unemployed shall be employed,

and those of the banking and creditor class shall get offeth my back. Yay verily.

Or at least that’s how I hope it’ll go. I had my first job interview in a donkey’s age today and it went really well. The interviewer was really friendly and we hit it off right away. They want me back tomorrow for an aptitude test and possibly a second interview so things are looking good.

It is retail sales again but I’m not going to complain too loudly. It’ll pay my bills on time and give me some extra money that I can put towards destroying… uh… I mean bolstering… (yeah, yeah that’s the ticket) the world economy. And hey, it’ll be the computer department, or as I like to call it… THE TOY STORE!!! So I’ll be set for gadgets galore.

*does the hopefully happily employed dance*