Project: Bigmap – Day 1 Welcome to the wonderfu…

Project: Bigmap – Day 1

Welcome to the wonderful world of trying to keep yourself occupied while you’re looking for work.

This week’s diversion is that I’ve decided to take one of my old gaming maps for my D&D Game and transpose it onto a big ass piece of paper.

I figure that I can bore you all with some details and pics of my progress.

First we have a shot of the 1st incarnation of the map. Hand-drawn sometime in 1992ish on a standard 8½”×11″ piece of paper.

Then there’s a shot of the 2nd generation of the map. The basic coastline was done using Campaign Cartographer on an 8½”×14″ piece of paper and then the highlights were sketched in with pen and ink.

Here’s a shot of the 2nd map together with the future big map for size comparision. The large piece of paper is roughly 36″×26″ (3’×2’2″).

And finally, here’s my the results of my first day’s work. I wasn’t working on it for a full 24hrs obviously, but it what was accomplished between one day and the next.

I’ll keep you up to date with my progress. Buh-bye for now!