OOO, Look! I finally updated my webspace. Aren’…

OOO, Look! I finally updated my webspace.

Aren’t you all in shock? I know I am… Now, let’s see how long it takes for everyone to notice and start coming back here on a regular basis.

Now for those of you that were playing along at home, you’ll remember that I couldn’t access my webspace before because Shaw Cablesystems, being the bunch of monkey fuck-nuts that they are, wouldn’t allow remote FTP access to their sites. To get in you had to be using a registered Shaw IP. Not even a secret decoder ring from the crackerjack box would suffice.

And so I was limited to just posting in this blog for four months. And now how am I finally updating this site you ask? Did Shaw finally fix the glitch or did space aliens come and turn me into a circus midget that was small enough to crawl through the fibre-optic cables in search of a new home. Tune in tomorrow to find out what happenned.

Hey… I gotta leave some suspense now don’t I? Otherwise you may not come back.