Greetings True believers…. Tonight, as I was …

Greetings True believers….

Tonight, as I was doing my usual late-night, mindless wanderings of that vast beast we know as the Internet, I found the following interesting tidbit of information and I just thought I’d share.

Most of us believe we know lots of different things about a vast array of subjects but even with all our vast knowledge, I still would bet that none of you know what a Rider is.

No, they’re not big, fat, greasy guys with fetishes for motorcycles emblazoned with the Harley logo (at least not this time). The Rider that I’m referring to is in actuality one of those stupid legal clauses that rock stars and other bigwig artists tack on to their touring contracts when they go places. They’re those quirky little “demands” that they MUST have before they will even think about doing a show in your hometown.

So go ahead and check out This Link to see how vain, stupid, silly, or egomaniacal your favourite artist really is. And the next time you’re at your favourite venue, listening to your favourite band, you can sit back and smile appreciatively at the effort the venue promoter went through to make you (and the band you’re listening too) happy.