Okay… so I’m your typical musical fanboy, albeit…

Okay… so I’m your typical musical fanboy, albeit one who has been out of the loop for a bit.

I just realized that one of my favourite bands, The Tragically Hip, are releasing their next album on June 11th. It’s called In Violet Light. I haven’t even heard any of the songs off it yet and already I want it, just on principle. Hell, if they packaged up a blank CD with a 24 page liner booklet that was completely blank, I’d still probably shell out the $15 bucks for the CD.

I hope I’ll get a chance to hear something from the album before it comes out, but I highly doubt that due to the fact that US radio stations are, in general, denser than depleted uranium and wouldn’t know a good tune even if it bit them in the ass. If it isn’t on MTV’s TRL (or whatever) then it isn’t popular enough to play.

Thank god for canadian radio stations on the Internet! At least I can listen to intelligent DJ banter and decent music for the next 45 days until the album comes out.