Today’s random musing has been brought to light by…

Today’s random musing has been brought to light by the stupidity of the US government, or more specifically their INS division.

The other day I was reading an Article that was sent to me regarding the pilots of the September 11th terrorist attacks on the U.S. In the article we find that some idiot approved these terrorists for Student Visa’s so as they could take the technical classes needed to fly the planes. Not only that, but one of the recipients of a Visa had an outstanding warrant out for his arrest in Florida.

Now to me this is very pathetic and is a testament to the stupidity and idiocy of the bureaucracy spawned and propogated by both big business and big governments around the world (though in some cases you are starting to be unable to tell the difference between corporations and government). Not only does the right hand rarely know what the left hand is doing, half the time it isn’t even aware of what it is doing. It is stupid things like this that make you wonder why people are so shocked when events like September 11th happen. The government isn’t all knowing or all powerful. Hell half the time it’s just going through the motions because that is ALL it has ever been trained to do.

Let this be a lesson to us all. Before everything else: THINK! QUESTION! LEARN!!! Don’t just do something because it’s easy or because it is the status quo of the time.

For those of you looking for more examples of stupid bureaucratic idiocy, I shall direct you to page seven of the INS form that one has to fill out to become a Permanent Resident in the U.S. It has some wonderfully stupid questions that make you wonder why anyone would EVER answer yes to them. Such as: Have you ever committed Genocide?, Are you a Communist?, Are you planning on committing Espionage while in the U.S.?, Have you ever declared Diplomatic Immunity to avoid prosecution while in the U.S.?, And my personal favourite… Do you plan on practicing polygamy while in the U.S.?

The scary thing is that, based on the idiocy evident in the first part of my rant, somewhere in America there is someone who answered Yes to all those questions and is now a Permanent Resident…