So it came to me the other night that I’ve become …

So it came to me the other night that I’ve become fairly vain with my blogger posts and am starting to get frustrated with certain aspects that, and lets be honest here, are completely the fault of you, the reader.

I feel that I have posted fairly consistently over the past little while on a broad spectrum of topics from the mindless to the mundane, yet I have no clue if anyone is listening. My topics seem to be the type that nobody wants to talk about or comment on. Every other blog that I go to seems to have comments galore from regular readers (even if those readers are just the blog-master’s immediate friends and family) and I’m dreadfully jealous. Some part of me wants to be part of the in-crowd. To know that I’m liked, admired or that someone is just paying attention to me. All I really want is validation that my time and effort are worth it I guess.

So yes, I admit it. I’m grumpy because no one ever comments on my topics or that I only get one or two comments now and then. I’ve tried the do unto others as you would have them do unto you bit, but that only gets me so far and not everyone likes to comment, but for every 3 that don’t comment there hopefully will be one that will.

Yes I know that this is silly and vain and this is just my desperate cry for self gratification and attention as I plead with you all to appease my fragile ego and comment at least once but I can’t help myself and figure that if I rant long enough, I’ll get at least one grudging comment out of pity or to shut me up.

So with that mini-rant over and done I shall now retire for the evening. Pax