And in other news… I’m grumpy as all get out …

And in other news…

I’m grumpy as all get out because I still can’t update my frigging website remotely. My damned ISP FINALLY responded to me after I sent them two, no sorry it was three nasty emails.

Their response? Guess. Go on, I dare you!

No, “Please hold.” wasn’t quite right, but close enough to win you the weekly prize of not getting your head kicked by me. Their very polite and very vague response was simply that “they were endeavouring to enable remote access and should have it working in their next publish in the near future” but there was no indication whatsoever when that publish or that near future would be.

So in the meantime, I continue to sit with my thumb up my bum and my websites (yes there is a plural there) continue to drift further into the background waste of out of date internet space.

I think perhaps that this too has fueled my ire about the lack of commenting that I so eloquently ranted on about in the previous posts. The fact that all I can do to this website is comment via this blogger is annoying, and it gets boring after a time to be honest. It’s like having a panel full of bright flashing buttons and all I get to do is play with the one black one that turns one red light on and off occasionally. I want to frigging change the damn poll, I want to frigging change my bloody bio so as it says I have a wife rather than a fiancee, I just want to do something other than post here dammit.

Okay…. rant over as this isn’t going anywhere purposeful. I’m going to bed now. G’night