Do you ever wonder if we’re getting dumber as we p…

Do you ever wonder if we’re getting dumber as we progress further down the evolutionary path?

I mean I am always in awe about the amount of things that I know nothing about, and yet feel that I should be aware of them, at least in passing. Even with my awe looming in front of me, I still hunger and thirst to learn. I get scared though when I think that I may not have the capacity to learn all I want too. That somewhere down the line due to culture, genetic drift, random genome mutation, and whatnot the limits of my mind were set and once I reach that point, *Poof* that’s it. Either I start to intentionally forget things to make room, or just don’t learn anymore.

It’s an interesting and sobering thought. We’re told that we generally only use 10% of our brains. I wonder how long it will be before we can say that we use 11% and I wonder if we will ever admit it when we start falling to use only 9%? I would hate to start having to pick and choose which things to know and which to remain ignorant of. I guess I’m just too damn greedy for knowledge for my own good. I want to know it all. Omniscience is my goal and I plan to claw my way there any way I can.

Possibly more will come later after I disect these thoughts a little further.

Today’s Random Musing was brought to you by the chemical formula CH3CH2OH (Points if you know what that is without looking it up), the Number 3 and a Great White North Pizza.